Pykmax High Performance Guitar Pick

Pykmax High Performance Guitar Pick

Posted April 17, 2014 at 4:12pm
by Yoav
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Pykmax (pronounced Pickmax) is a patented new style of guitar pick that fits perfectly in the player’s hand. By minimizing the “gripping” aspect of picking, Pykmax can significantly increase the player’s maneuverability and control. By reducing or even eliminating the conscious and sub-conscious focus on picking, Pykmax opens up a whole new world of playing techniques that are simply not possible with a regular pick.

How Do You Hold Pykmax?
Holding Pykmax for the first time is easy. As in the above images below, Pykmax sits very naturally and comfortably in the player’s hand. It’s so comfortable that you will barely notice you’re holding it.

How Do You Choose a Pykmax?
Pykmax is offered in two right handed body sizes, Medium and Small. The Medium size is recommended for most adults and for older children (16 and up). Their plectrums are precision injection molded from Delrin. Each model comes with a choice of three plectrum gauges: 0.60mm – RED, 0.88mm – GREEN, and 1.00mm – PURPLE.

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