Too Much? Table With Burning Cash in the Middle

Too Much? Table With Burning Cash in the Middle

Posted July 8, 2014 at 4:18pm
by Yoav
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Art or design? 50 Euro bills burnt to ashes, fiction or reality? Too Much? Is a unique and one of a kind piece. The most provocative functional sculpture of the moment. Created by Atelier Amarist in collaboration with the Spanish plastic artist Alejandro Monge. A work of art-design that invites you to think about the value of money and its significance.

A bill is only a piece of paper with a figure on it; 20, 50, 100. A number that on its own has no value except for the price we want to put to our time or the value we give to our desires.

White pieces of paper are the starting point of this artwork. The artist hand-draws each piece, using a 50 Euro bill as a model. The genre of painting is hyperrealism, a technique that resembles a high-resolution photograph. Subsequently each painted bill is sculpted with a type of resin that petrifies each sheet, in order to create the ashes. Finally hand painted to give it its burnt appearance.

Work of art that combines drawing, painting and sculpture. Introduced inside an armoured cube that becomes the structure of the table.

Arts and Techniques
Hyperrealism drawing and sculpturing, woodwork, glasswork and metal work.

Paper, paint, glass, metal, carbon fibre and gold platted brass.

Customizable Options
● There are two versions for the top pyramid
● Sculpture made out of ashes
● Option to set the pyramid on fire. Controlled decorative fire.

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