Pastoe Wire Lounge Chair

Pastoe Wire Lounge Chair

Posted July 15, 2014 at 7:47pm
by Yoav
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Go Dutch with the Pastoe Wire Lounge Chair! Last year Pastoe reintroduced the classic lounge chair designed by Cees Braakman in 1958, together with A. Dekker. Available in two editions: the FM06 and FM05 The lounge chair is part of a family of seating elements made of steel wire.

Braakman was the head of Pastoe's design team from 1945 to 1978 and paved much of the way for Pastoe’s success in the post-war years and was responsible for the ‘Pastoe made to measure’ system, a modular cabinet system that is still very popular on the vintage furniture market.

The Wire Lounge Chairs minimalist design complements an extensive range of interiors in terms of style and size. The chair will be available in black steel wire and the wooden armrests on the FM06 are crafted from high-quality walnut. The cushions will be available in three standard colours, but other variations are possible as well. The basic model of the chair has an upholstered seat, while the back cushion is optional.

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