Bespoke Post Alcohol Infuser

Bespoke Post Alcohol Infuser

Posted January 1, 2015 at 3:30pm
by Yoav Levytam
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All you need is some booze, a little imagination, and this custom infusing rig. Developed by Bespoke Post with the glassware artisans at Sempli through more than a year of testing. The result is this elegant setup that lets you display, serve, and imbue a unique flavor to your spirits, cocktails, top quality olive oil, sparkling water, or homemade salad dressing. The options are nearly endless.

This beauty is hand blown from lead-free crystal for maximum clarity, so you and your impressed guests can perfectly see the shimmering mixture inside. The decanter can swing around the table and circulate the infusion, true to Sempli’s playful and sophisticated aesthetic. Even when you’re not infusing, it’ll serve as an excellent vessel for wine, liquor, oil, dressing, or plain old water. And each one is slightly different with the occasional micro bubble to add personality since they’re all made by hand.

The decanter holds approximately 550 ml of liquid. When infusing, it's recommend to put 350 ml - 450 ml of liquid in there.

Infusing Rod
Here’s where things things get interesting. Sempli used a lightweight borosilicate glass (the same kind that lab equipment is made out of) to create a rod that capably holds your ingredients but won’t weigh down the decanter. Small perforations in the glass let liquid flow through, while keeping ingredients in place. It secures into the rubber top, and fits into the custom designed diagonal mouth of the decanter so that your ingredients settle perfectly to effectively infuse whatever’s inside. Add sliced fruit, fresh herbs, whole chiles, hops, aromatics… the sky’s the limit.

Rest the whole setup stylishly with the included custom felt coaster - it keeps the decanter in place while still letting it roll around.

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