Analogix Semiconductor SlimPort Nano Console

Analogix Semiconductor SlimPort Nano Console

Posted January 6, 2015 at 7:36pm
by Yoav Levytam
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Analogix Semiconductor today announced the SlimPort Nano Console, the first universal console device that changes the way media is consumed, games are played and cloud computing is done.

The Nano Console's innovative and intuitive control functions, coupled with today’s powerful smartphones and tablets, offer increasingly mobile and cloud-centric consumers a new way to enjoy the freedom of on-demand multimedia without the limitations of traditional living room set-top boxes, play video games without the need of costly game consoles, and perform mobile office productivity tasks without having to carry a personal computer, anytime, anywhere, with one universal device. The integrated wireless Nano Remote provides user-friendly and efficient control features, offering consumers comfort and convenience while enjoying over-the-top video content and Internet applications.

“With today’s powerful mobile devices becoming the primary source of video and audio content, consumers rely more on their mobile devices to avoid house-bound subscriptions and the clutter of cables and equipment in the living room. We see the Nano Console as a game-changer that truly puts the smartphone and tablet at the center of the connected digital world,” said Andre Bouwer, vice president of marketing for Analogix. “The Nano Console has an elegant, yet affordable design, which makes it a perfect fit for today’s living room or office desk. It’s so simple that if you know how to use your smartphone, you know how to use the Nano Console.”

The SlimPort Nano Console will be available for pre-order in March 2015 and will start shipping in Q2 2015.

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