PAX 2 Loose-Leaf Vaporizer

PAX 2 Loose-Leaf Vaporizer

Posted March 26, 2015 at 8:08pm
by Yoav Levytam
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PAX recently announced the launch of PAX 2, their most innovative vaporizer yet. PAX 2 is a pocketable and premium loose-leaf vaporizer available, revolutionizing the vaping industry and offering consumers the smoking alternative they’ve been looking for.

PAX 2 is 25 percent smaller, with up to 30 percent longer usage time, making it a must-have item for today’s on-the-go consumer. In addition, PAX 2 one of the most technologically advanced vaporizer available, offering an intelligent, lip-sensing technology that automatically adjusts the temperature when you’re using it, avoiding unnecessarily heating your material, and providing consistent draws. PAX 2 also has a streamlined profile with an integrated and enhanced LED communication interface.

“When we introduced PAX over two years ago, we defined the vapor market selling over half a million devices. Since then, our team of product engineers has redesigned PAX to meet consumers’ every need,” said James Monsees, co-founder of PAX Labs, Inc. “Today, we are launching the most intelligent, premium and highest performing vaporizer in the market.”

● Auto-cooling
● Self-optimizing temperature and power
● Two, interchangeable mouthpieces, with an integrated power button
● Motion and lip-detection heat system
● Simple, elegant design
● User friendly interface
● Four temperature settings
● AC and USB charging options
● Available in four colors: topaz, flare, platinum, charcoal

“Our connection to Silicon Valley is evident in our designing PAX 2 – addressing customer feedback, integrating hardware and software, and delighting users. We've even included hidden features, functionality and games into our LED interface. PAX 2 demonstrates the thoughtful design and advanced technology we are known for, offering consumers all of what they loved about our original PAX, plus more,” said Monsees.

PAX 2 heats loose-leaf material, instead of burning it, releasing active ingredients and natural oils into a subtle vapor. This process produces no combustion, eliminating secondhand smoke, optimal for social settings and public places where smoking is not permitted.

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