C SEED World's Largest Outdoor LED TV

C SEED World's Largest Outdoor LED TV

Posted February 7, 2013 at 4:33pm
by Yoav
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The C SEED 201 TV marks a world premiere in private entertainment by taking high-tech TV outdoors. Spectacular picture quality is provided by a 201-inch (5.11m) 16:9 LED screen. As host you direct the performance by radio remote control, pressing a button to adjust the screen to the desired height and rotate it to a maximum of 270 degree angle for optimal viewing comfort.

Designed for maximum impact in an exclusive setting, the world’s largest LED TV bursts into action at the touch of a button. Within 40 seconds it launches from its hidden shaft and unfolds a massive screen with flawless picture quality, even in direct sunlight. When the show is over, the C SEED 201 retracts into the ground as discreetly as it appeared, allowing an unobstructed view of its surroundings.

• 201-inch (5.11 m) LED TV
• True LED TV technology with max. 5,000 nits brightness, fully daylight-compatible
• High-resolution retina LED display with a 16:9 aspect ratio
• HD video transmission
• High-fidelity 3-way outdoor audio system including 15 speakers
• Integrated multi-source media server
• Biometric fingerprint sensor
• Waterproof
• Height-adjustable up to 15 ft. (4.65 m)
• 270-degree rotatable screen
• Wireless 2.4 GHz radio remote control

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