Feel the Full Power of Music with the Lofelt Basslet

Feel the Full Power of Music with the Lofelt Basslet

Posted February 10, 2017 at 4:31pm
by Yoav Levytam
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Experience what it’s like to feel the full power of music in high definition – anywhere you go. That’s the power of the Basslet, the watch-size subwoofer that delivers the bass of your music straight to your body – for a powerful music experience that headphones alone cannot provide.

LoSound Engine: Groundbreaking Technology to Feel Sound
The Basslet is packed with innovative haptic technology designed in Germany: the LoSound engine precisely recreates bass frequencies down to 10 Hz. It lets the user feel the thump of a kick drum and the groove of a bassline in high definition – until now impossible with just headphones. The Basslet works with all kinds of audio devices and music streaming apps like Spotify and Apple Music – no configuration or app needed. And it is completely silent to the outside world.

Automotive, Gaming and Music Tech

The applications of the LoSound Engine go far beyond the Basslet:

Teenage Engineering
– Swedish synth maker Teenage Engineering recently announced a tech partnership with Lofelt to combine the newest portable synthesizer OP-Z with Lofelt’s cutting-edge haptic technology.

– The LoSound engine has been chosen by top car manufacturer Renault for concept studies inside the car cockpit. Renault has built the HD haptic engine into the seats of a future concept car.

– Based on their HD haptic technology, Lofelt has developed its own concept for gaming controllers that provides an immersive gaming experience. The company is in talks with major VR and gaming companies to license the LoSound engine for the gaming experience of the future.

“In the near future, high quality haptic feedback will become ubiquitous, like wireless connectivity or touch-screen technology,” says Lofelt CEO Daniel Büttner. “Haptics will move rapidly from something special to being something that people expect in all their devices.” Lofelt is advancing the trend initiated by companies like Apple to create high quality user experiences through high definition haptic feedback

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