Sage Evoke Series Fly Reel

Sage Evoke Series Fly Reel

Posted February 24, 2017 at 6:01pm
by Yoav Levytam
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Sage is well known for creating some of the world’s finest fly rods. In 2001 they began work on reels designed to match that level of perfection. These reels would be built around an innovative new drag technology called the “Sealed Carbon System” or SCS. This extremely lightweight, easy to use and maintenance free drag system came about through decades of worldwide fly fishing experience fused with innovative aerospace engineering and cutting edge materials.

SCS is a fully sealed system using precision-engineered carbon and stainless steel components to create silky smooth resistance while efficiently dissipating heat. It does all this with a minimum of weight, allowing fishermen more line feel and the ability to make more casts without fatigue.

Perhaps best of all, this sealed system is impervious to water, sand and grit, requiring no maintenance beyond simple rinsing. Sage SCS is used in the fully encapsulated "Cassette" (9-washer) drag used in all Sage Evoke Series reels. While its advantages are easy enough to appreciate over the glass case in a fly shop, they become completely game changing while fishing, helping anglers fish longer, cast better, and ultimately bring more fish to hand.

Featuring a unique modified full frame with exposed dual palming rim, the EVOKE lets you add fingertip or palm pressure from either side of the reel as you feel exactly how much it will take to turn that fish. But it’s not all up to you; the EVOKE utilizes the same proven fish-stopping carbon drag design as the Sage 6000 series, with an intuitive drag knob with detents from 1 to 39 so you have twice the finesse when tuning-in desired drag resistance.

Stainless steel dowel pins give the reel its staunch rigidity, and also help form a full frame line guard that eliminates any errant line mishaps. Plus, the pins help your fingers to index the exposed palming area for applying added pressure without taking your eyes of the fish. This one looks different, fights different, and is sure to be the difference maker during your next brawl.

● Material: 6061 T6 aluminum
● Drag System: carbon fiber disc
● Backing Capacity: [Evoke 8] 200 yards / 20 lb, [Evoke 10] 200 yards / 30 lb
● Diameter: [Evoke 8] 3.9 in, [Evoke 10] 4.3 in
● Fly Line Weight: 7 / 8 wt, 9 / 10 wt

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Bongeem - April 24, 2018 at 7:02am
It's not all up to you; the EVOKE uses the same demonstrated fish-halting carbon drag outline as the Sage 6000 arrangement, with an instinctive drag handle with detents from 1 to 39 so you have double the artfulness when tuning-in wanted drag protection. On the other hand, I need to know about karamba bonus and some more facts about the terms found here.
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Peter - April 18, 2018 at 6:35pm
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Gracie - April 16, 2018 at 1:47pm
This reel appealed to me due to the fact most of the rim at the spool is closed which makes me assume it will likely be long lasting however there's a section this is exposed. Coursework Service UK On my current steelhead journey to the Bulkely River I enjoyed using a light drag for hook usaand early inside the fight when the fish was nevertheless sparkling and virtually palmed the reel later in the fight thanks to the uncovered phase which is perfectly placed via the way. extremely good reel and that i feel like it's going to out live my lifetime.
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maryelbert - July 5, 2018 at 12:28pm
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