New Electric Mobility Brand FUELL Announces Electric Bike and Motorcycle

New Electric Mobility Brand FUELL Announces Electric Bike and Motorcycle

by Yoav
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Faced with saturated cities – pollution, traffic jams, noise – and the arrival of new regulations limiting internal combustion engines, the founding idea of FUELL is to offer a complete and unique selection of innovative, electric and attractive two-wheelers to cover all the needs for urban “macro-mobility” – city journeys that require a personal vehicle to cover distances greater than 3 miles – and therefore replace cars and public transportation.

FUELL wants to put emotion and freedom back into urban travel by offering riders something different, innovative, upgradeable and attractive. FUELL offers e-vehicles designed around the pleasure of urban riding, offering riders a whole new experience of the city. FUELL also offers digital services around mobility for an enriched experience.

FUELL’s “urban mobility” positioning led to the creation of several machines to cover all the needs and styles of those who choose two-wheeled electric mobility. FUELL’s offer is centered around two products:

FLOW – an electric motorcycle available in 11kW (125cc equivalent) or 35kW (motorcycle license) versions, combining practical aspects for the urban journey (integrated 50 liter/13 gallon internal storage), technological innovations (proprietary wheel-motor, connected dashboard) and unparalleled driving pleasure thanks to its acceleration and low center of gravity.

FLUID – a robust and elegant electric bike, with exceptional range (up to 125 miles thanks to its 2 removable batteries with a total of 1,000Wh) and generous torque (100Nm), virtually maintenance-free with its carbon belt and internal hub gears. Fluid is offered as a Pedelec (max 20mph) or S-Pedelec (max 28mph, requiring helmet and insurance in most States).

Every step from design to manufacture had accessibility in mind: competitive prices (starting from $3,295 for Fluid and $10,995 for Flow), financing options that favor usage over ownership (credit, leasing, battery leasing), and a clear emphasis on easy handling and riding. These e-vehicles are upgradeable (battery, wheel-motor, charger, etc) and are among the best performing on the market.

They have a great autonomy (125 city miles for Flow), and recharge easily (at home for Fluid, in less than 30 minutes on a public charger for Flow). They also offer connectivity and security options, and are infinitely customizable.

$3,295 - $10,995   BUY · SAVE
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