Log Pile Coffee Table by Purcell Living

Log Pile Coffee Table by Purcell Living

Posted January 19, 2013 at 6:40pm
by Yoav
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Based in Los Angeles, Purcell Living embraces a philosophy of innovation in manufacturing and cutting edge design, developing and manufacturing distinctive high-end home furnishings for design-savvy consumers around the world. The Log Pile Coffee Table is made in the USA by Purcell Living, and designed by Alexander Purcell Rodrigues.

Log Pile Coffee Table was inspired by stacked firewood, featuring a raw and compelling structure of sporadically offset logs. It represents an aesthetic formalization of lumber, creating a dialogue between the natural beauty of the wood and the methodical standardization of the rectangular construction of its sections. A thick glass tabletop is suspended on top of the pile, snuggly fitted between logs at each end, and hidden within its facade are drawers for added functionality.

Material(s): Douglas Fir, glass top
Dimensions: 46.5" W X 33" D X 16.5" H

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