Bodum Santos Stovetop Glass Vacuum Coffee Maker

Bodum Santos Stovetop Glass Vacuum Coffee Maker

by Yoav
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There is a good reason you can find a Santos coffeemaker in nearly every Scandinavian home, this vacuum brewing system has been fascinating coffee lovers for over sixty years. In the fifties, Peter Bodum, the father of today's owner, Jorgen Bodum, imported an French vacuum coffee maker and sold it on the Danish Market. Although he found it both unsatisfactory and expensive, he was convinced that the vacuum brewing system was an excellent way to brew an exquisite cup of coffee. Thus, the first Bodum Santos vacuum coffee maker was born.

In collaboration with Danish designer Kaas Klaeson, Peter Bodum developed what we know today as the Santos, establishing the credo: 'good design doesn't have to be expensive'. The magic of the Santos holds both adults and children spellbound as they watch the boiling water rush from the bottom glass jug to the upper one where it gets mixed with freshly ground coffee. After a few minutes off the stovetop, a vacuum forms in the base which pulls rich black coffee through a filter and back into the bottom jug.

This captivating process combines the ideal water temperature with just the right brewing time and makes for superb results. Whatever your preferred coffee and roast, the Santos vacuum system brings out the very best aromas in your cup.

● Theatrical, entertaining method of brewing six 5-ounce cups of coffee
● Made of heat-resistant glass and durable, gleaming nylon
● Carafe with stay-cool handle and a stopper keeps coffee warm
● Dishwasher-safe, includes coffee scoop and resting stand
● Measures 9-1/4 by 6 by 11-1/2 inches

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