Eco-Essential Bamboo Pen by now&then

Eco-Essential Bamboo Pen by now&then

by Yoav
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Eco-Essential Pen is a fine writing instrument that you’ll be proud to call your own. Its solid construction & bamboo barrel are pleasing to the senses, and writing with it is an absolute joy, thanks to the precision & smoothness of Hi-Tec-C inserts.

Bamboo, like wood, exudes comfort and serenity. The natural texture personifies professional luxury and executive style. Unlike hardwood, which takes 20 -120 years to attain harvestable maturity (defined as 30cm diameter at eye-height), bamboo matures in 4~6 years and self-replenishes after harvest (as being a grass, its roots remain intact).

In addition to being ecologically-responsible, bamboo is renowned for its light weight and superior strength. In Asia, bamboo is long revered for its beauty and considered a requisite companion to the soul. In Taiwan, bamboo is native and utilized extensively, bequeathing an abundance of superb craftsmanship. Globalization has taken bamboo onto international stage. From Gucci bag handles to exclusive trim option offered for BMW X6, bamboo is affirmed as a luxury yet eco-chic material.

● Engineered for Pilot Hi-Tec-C pen inserts
● High-sensitivity yet durable Stylus nib
● Color Ring
● Free-form Pen Pouch

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