3D Printed Low-Fi Hi-Tech Headphones

3D Printed Low-Fi Hi-Tech Headphones

by Yoav
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Low-Fi Hi-Tech Headphones is a research Project by J.C. Karich to find a method of creating a fully functional pair of audio headphones without any manufactured parts. This means all the parts of this headset are raw materials, such as wire, tape, solder, magnets and of course 3D printed parts.

The most challenging part for Karich was to make the right combination of 3D printed elements such as the speaker piece. The ear part had to be a good acoustic case and should include a holder for the magnet, the speaker itself is a very thin printed part with a very thin rail to be able to insert the copper wire in it.

Once Karich got that part working, he decided to go further, drawing the plug to fit a standard Jack connector, this was a very tricky part because the model of this was a very thin part to print and creating the connections only with wire was a real challenge. Again it worked! And even if many people would hesitate to plug this weird looking but familiar plug, Karich assures it works with no risks of jamming inside your portable audio device.

The files are open to anyone who want’s to try to make a pair of these!

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