iLED-ONE-TK Mini LED Light Kit by iKan

iLED-ONE-TK Mini LED Light Kit by iKan

by Yoav
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Just when you thought the iLED ONE was as good as interchangeable LED lighting could get, ikan gives you the iLED ONE- Table Kit. This three point LED lighting system includes everything you need for table top video or photography in a compact package, small enough to fit into the side pockets of any standard camera bag. Each iLED ONE LED light is interchangeable with 40 degree or 60 degree, daylight or tungsten LED bulbs and includes its own bendable tripod capable of attaching to nearly any surface. Also including all necessary A/C power supplies, the iLED ONE-Table Kit is an affordable LED table top solution that will supplement any full size lighting kit.

The iLED ONE Table Kit is easily transformed into an on-camera LED lighting solution with the simple addition of a shoe mount and a portable power supply! The preferred power supply choice is the ikan AC107 battery plate. Equip with an ikan BCA107 belt clip for convenience and choose from Sony L or BP-U, Canon 900 or Panasonic D54 style DV battery plates. The perfect solution for on the go lighting!

● Interchangeable LED Bulbs
● Fits in Compact Camera Cases
● Bendable Tripods Attach to any Object
● Supplements a Full Size Light Kit

Color Temperature
● 3200 K - 5600 K

● 3ft / 181lux / 3200K

$300   BUY · SAVE
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