Top & Derby Reinvents the Cane

Top & Derby Reinvents the Cane

by Yoav
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For hundreds of years, walking sticks were common fashion accessories which were made and worn with pride. But as time went on, the aesthetics were abandoned and the finely crafted artifacts were replaced with cold, clinical, and impersonal items of utility. Today, most canes do little to inspire the self-confidence of those who use them. Top & Derby aims to change this.

Top & Derby doesn't think that anyone should have to walk around with a gnarly looking cane. It’s just not fair. They aren’t reinventing the wheel, they're just designing beautiful canes that work, and that people can be proud to own; it’s that simple.

They started with a rigid core as the foundation for their cane handle. It’s cast in aluminum and then heat-treated, which produces an extremely durable, yet lightweight frame to build upon. The core is then over-molded with silicone, forming a soft, continuous grip that conforms to your hand and dampens vibrations while you walk.

The shaft is turned from solid American black walnut and finished with a durable coating to protect the wood and bring out the natural variation in the grain. They seal the deal by marking it with a laser engraved logo; this way you know it’s an authentic Top & Derby product.

The tip of the cane has a sneaker-inspired sole that’s molded in an abrasion resistant thermoplastic rubber. Overall, it’s replaceable, compact and sleek, and works great in a range of different conditions. Your friends most probably won’t have sneaker-inspired shoes on their canes.

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