Mammuth Rewarron 1:3 Scale Remote Control Car

Mammuth Rewarron 1:3 Scale Remote Control Car

by Yoav
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Introducing the Mammuth Rewarron Remote Control Car by Mammuth Works. The car was built by group of crazy guys who aimed to research, plan and build remote controlled cars, that has never existed before in size, nor in design. It’s a pure beast, powered by a powerful 4 stroke engine and about 70km/h top speed. The 1:3 Scale remote control car has a running weight of nearly 80 kg with the size: 1850mm x 900mm x 750mm! It’s almost 2 meters long!

The Mammuth Rewarron comes with an on-board touch screen controller to adjust the brake balance, real ABS, traction control sensitivity and there is more! Full two-sided telemetry with RPM’s, temperatures, G-forces.

Mammuth Works aim is to build much more complex cars that resemble reality as closely as possible, but also solid and reliable. Parts for these cars will be custom made on very precise machines from the plans they have drawn up, and the frame of the cars will be assembled by hand. Mammuth Works aim to grow their product range by making custom made cars and limited series.

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