ALTAR Herbal & Botanical Mood Mixers

ALTAR Herbal & Botanical Mood Mixers

by Yoav
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ALTAR is an all-natural premium alcohol free beverage also known as an Herbal Martini. Created by a group of passionate gourmet food & beverage friends, including founder Jagatjoti Khalsa, the herbal and botanical mood mixer can be enjoyed alone or paired with fine spirits. Each recipe features 13-24 totally unique ingredients ranging from single estate teas, organic fruits and vegetables, spices, herbs and botanicals.

Culinary infusions such as Heirloom yellow tomatoes muddled with yellow bell peppers, Jalapeno pepper, cucumbers, tomatillos, Spanish lemon thyme, smoked sea salt, linden flower and ALTAR's own white worcestershire sauce make the perfect contemporary “Mary” mix, and then paired with their ALTAR herbal infusion to bring restoration and the perfect balance of flavors to a new level.

ALTAR celebrates and honors the world's sacred gardens and believes that each ingredient should be thoughtfully sought, grown, harvested and procured in order to alter and serve family and friends. ALTAR sources from five continents seeking the most fragrant, elegant, fruitful, deeply flavored fruits, vegetables, botanicals, teas, spices and herbs from global gardens.

ALTAR is available in five moods or flavors: Aphrodisiac, Bliss, Chi, Restore, and Chill. Suggested spirit pairings include: cognac, brandy or bourbon with Aphrodisiac; vodka or champagne with Bliss; gin, vodka, or rum with Chi; tequila or vodka with Restore; and vodka with Chill.

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