Bowers & Wilkins P5 Noise-isolating Mobile Hi-Fi Headphones

Bowers & Wilkins P5 Noise-isolating Mobile Hi-Fi Headphones

by Yoav
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Behind P5's natural sound is some of the most advanced technology ever to be put into a set of headphones. Specially developed ultra-linear neodymium magnets and highly optimised Mylar diaphragms keep music sounding rich, pure and incredibly detailed, with no need for artificial adjustments. A closed-back design with rigid metal faceplates and sealed earpads ensures that all the detail and dynamic range of your music is kept intact, while preserving just enough ambient sound to give you a sense of place. Perfect for listening to music on the go.

The high performance of P5 doesn’t end with its acoustics and ergonomics. The quality of its materials plays an important part in terms of both acoustic performance and the user experience. The rigid metal faceplate and leather ear pads for example, not only suppress external noise but also help P5 to be surprisingly light, and very comfortable. The ear pads and headband are crafted from incredibly soft sheep’s leather, which ensures longer listening sessions are a real pleasure.

P5 is compatible with any device with a headphone output, but one of the two supplied cables provides extra functionality for the latest Apple iPod and iPhone models. These include track switching and volume control. The remote and mic are supported by iPod nano (4th generation and later), iPod classic (120GB, 160GB), iPod touch (2nd generation and later), iPhone 3GS and later, all iPads. The remote is supported by iPod shuffle (3rd generation and later). Audio is supported by all iPod models.

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