LuminAID: A Solar Powered Inflatable Light

LuminAID: A Solar Powered Inflatable Light

by Yoav
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The LuminAID solar light was designed to fulfill the basic need for light in post-natural disaster situations shortly after the January 2010 earthquake in Haiti. When thinking about what they could design to make a difference, creators Anna Stork and Andrea Sreshta decided to focus on affordable, renewable light because it had the potential to greatly improve the comfort, safety, and survival of disaster victims.

While on a school trip to Japan, they unexpectedly found ourselves in the middle of the earthquake in March 2011. Having experienced first-hand how a disaster can negatively impact the lives of millions, they were motivated to make the LuminAID light a reality for those affected by disasters, crises, and conflict.

The LuminAID is a solar-powered, inflatable light. Charge it on the go and inflate to create a lightweight, waterproof light. The solar-inflatable technology is patent pending both in the US and internationally through multiple filings that cover a broad range of applications and uses. The LuminAID light is their first application of this technology. The product packs flat and inflates to diffuse the light like a lantern and reduce the glare of the extra bright LEDs. For every 8 small conventional flashlights by volume, you can pack and ship approximately 50 LuminAID Lights. The inflatable material is also printable with patterns and logos.

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