TERA-Light: Themodynamic Fire Starting Device

TERA-Light: Themodynamic Fire Starting Device

by Yoav
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Imagine a survival fire lighting device that requires no spark, no chemicals and no batteries. It never runs out of fuel or requires re-charging...thats because TERA-Light ignites using the air we breathe and organic plant materials found in nature. If you are looking for a sure fire way to start a fire when all other methods have failed or are unavailable, then TERA-Light is perfect for you. Designed with the modern hiker, backpacker and survivalist in mind TERA-Light makes the impossible possible.

Constructed from machined 6061 aluminum and engineered to hold up under the harshest outdoor environments. The scientifically engineered and patent pending TERA-Light device utilizes the thermodynamic principle of adiabatic compression - air molecules release heat when rapidly compressed. With a single push of the hand, the TERA-light device causes instantaneous combustion by releasing a thermal discharge of several hundred degrees Fahrenheit - literally creating fire from air. Similar to the Diesel engine, heat generated by compressed air molecules is used to ignite tinder.

● 100% made in the USA
● Never needs recharging
● Two fire starting methods
● Lifetime warranty

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