Human Time Project Anniversary Edition Watch

Human Time Project Anniversary Edition Watch

by Yoav
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From snakes bites and fevers to general famine or dehydration, the world's poorest populations are in dire need of emergency care. In developing countries rural clinics, workers many times don't have the proper equipment to treat an emergency. Among these basic tools are wristwatches. From medicine dispensation to emergency check-ups a watch is a vital tool in healthcare.
If anyone comes in with a poisonous bit or a trauma the medical worker needs to have an accurate instrument to measure time, not having one can mean the difference between life and death. Many times they go without.

To further point out the importance of a watch, in a recent study done in England, 20 doctors and nurses were tested on their ability to assess heart and respiratory rates without the use of a watch's second hand. All 20 took longer than a minute to make estimates and only one of the participants gave reasonably accurate answers. Testers came out with the conclusion that with out a wristwatch to properly monitor these vitals, patients who potentially are very sick aren't recognized as being such.

A watch is also critical to saving a lives during a cardiorespiratory arrests. It is vital for a Dr, or healthcare worker to time the number of chest compresions per minute (100) and resuscitation is divided into 3 minute blocks of time. Also after resuscitation occurs the drugs administered are needed to be timed also.

The basic motor behind Human Time Project is you. Every time you buy a watch from the Human Time Project an exact model will be donated to fight this cause. It's a great feeling, knowing that at the end of a day, with a minor purchase, you can make a difference in someone's life.

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