Avant Unmanned Demolition Robot

Avant Unmanned Demolition Robot

by Yoav
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The Avant Robot is a special machine that is designed mainly for demolition work. The market for demolition robots is looking good, because the focus in construction is shifting towards renovation and reconstruction. These jobs require machines that fit in tight spaces and are efficient and safe. The electrically-operated Avant Robot is a machine for precisely such sites”, says Jani Käkelä, Sales Manager of Avant Group.

This latest addition to the product range complements Avant’s selection of demolition machines. “The division of work among the machines is such that the Robot mainly breaks concrete, and loaders are used for other tasks, such as moving broken concrete and transporting and levelling. An Avant is a handy multi-purpose machine for use all year round when there is a need to move construction site materials, unload, and maintain order at various sites, for example. When necessary, even a loader can be equipped with a hydraulic breaker”, Käkelä points out.

The Avant Robot has had a long and technically demanding path from development to production, because its operational environments involve a lot of special requirements. “All the functions of the machine can be operated with a wireless remote controller, valves are steered through electrical control units, and the machine’s operating power comes from 32A or 63A current. All in all, the Avant Robot is a technically advanced and modern-looking machine”, Käkelä states.

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