Sony DEV-50V/B Digital Recording Binoculars

Sony DEV-50V/B Digital Recording Binoculars

by Yoav
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Observe and capture your WOW moments with DEV-50 digital recording binoculars. Unlike any optical binoculars, these weather-proof digital recording binoculars offer autofocus for tracking of fast moving subjects, an expansive zoom range to get even closer to the action and superior performance in low light with two OLED XGA viewfinders.

DEV-50V/B features an XGA OLED “Tru-Finder” electronic viewfinders that deliver outstanding resolution and high contrast. Since independent images are provided for the left and right eyes delivering a true stereosopic view, high-quality 3D viewing is achieved without crosstalk or image degradation. The LCD panels used in the DEV-5 and DEV-3 viewfinders were illuminated by an RGB light source, causing spurious reflections that could reduce contrast when blacks were being displayed.

The Binoculars were engineered with Active image stabilization technology to drastically minimize blur especially when zoomed in on a subject far away. The image remains crisp and stable even at high magnifications that would make viewing difficult with other binoculars. It is easier to follow even fast-moving subjects and keep them in the frame, and of course the same stability contributes to the clarity of general observation and recording as well. In addition to optical image stabilization that adjusts lens position in the vertical and horizontal axes, BIONZ image processing adds compensation in the roll axis. The net result is highly effective 3-axis image stabilization.

● Seamless zoom from 0.8x to as high as 25x binocular magnification High resolution, high contrast OLED finder for sharp images even in low light Compact, lightweight body in ruggedized dustproof/rainproof for outdoor use.
● Optical Steady Shot image stabilization with Active mode minimizes blur Quickly capture and follow the subject, with autofocus Hyper Gain further enhances low-light visibility.
● By Pixel Super Resolution for superior still image quality Double Full HD and 3D movie recording HDMI terminal for viewing on HDTVs.

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