The HG One Coffee Bean Grinder

The HG One Coffee Bean Grinder

by Yoav
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The HG one grinder is a hand grinder. No plugs, motors, or switches, just you. And like all hand tools the HG one requires some effort, patience, and skill to operate. Be it a saw, paintbrush, chef’s knife, or grinder, the craftsman and artist has to learn to use them in order to get the most out of the tool.

The HG one grinder is not a push button solution that takes the effort out of making an espresso. Instead it’s a tool that provides you with some of the best raw ingredients required in making excellent coffee. As a craftsman, it’s up to you to manipulate the ingredients to achieve excellent results.

It starts with a bean. The bean is crushed and hot water forced through. The results are sometimes good, sometimes bad, and sometimes wonderful. As many espresso enthusiasts will tell you the grinder is as important, if not more important, than the espresso machine. Yet many grinders that deliver the quality that people seek are either too large, too expensive, or simply are not suited for use in a normal household environment. This is what the HG one hopes to change.

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