Oakley Airwave GPS Enabled Googles with HUD

Oakley Airwave GPS Enabled Googles with HUD

by Yoav
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Ever have one of those downhill runs where you’re sure you broke some speed record? Ever pull-off a trick with such amplitude that you could swear you left earth’s atmosphere for a sec? And wouldn’t it be cool to know for sure? Well now you can. Airwave takes Oakley goggle design and technology to the next level with a built-in heads up display that integrates GPS, Bluetooth and more. Onboard sensors give you instant access to jump analytics that show distance, height and airtime. But there’s so much more: preloaded maps, music playlist control, buddy tracking, and so on. Airwave isn’t merely a goggle; it’s a mobile dashboard.

Airwave delivers crisp, widescreen graphics using innovative prism technology. This technology provides a heads-up display perceived to be the size of a 14-inch screen viewed from a distance of 5 feet.

The GPS integration can accurately measure how fast you are moving downthe slope.

Trip Viewer
Review your performance stats, like max speed, total vert and max air, in detail, run by run or for the whole day.

Jump Analytics
Measure and track the distance, height and airtime of your jumps.

Measure your vertical feet by run, by day and over the course of the season.

Pinpoint your location on a resort map, find the run or point-of-interest you’re looking for.

Buddy Tracking
Locate and track friends that have the Oakley Airwave goggle or App on their smartphone.*

Music control is now unlocked with the current HUD firmware and Airwave App for Android and iPhone running iOS 6.

Smartphone Connectivity
View incoming calls and text messages. Low Energy Bluetooth connectivity allows the goggle to interface with your smartphone. Compatible with both Apple and Android operating systems.

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