Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus Small Adventure Kit

Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus Small Adventure Kit

by Yoav
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The Goal Zero Guide 10 Adventure Kit is an ultra-lightweight USB and solar charging system that fits in your pocket. It includes the Nomad 7 solar charging panel and the Guide 10 battery charging system. It can be used as a single unit power pack to power your device, or as a power source to recharge batteries for use in AA or AAA battery powered devices.

Rechargeable Batteries
The Guide 10 Adventure Kit includes four rechargeable AA batteries. Never waste your money or fill the landfill with Alkaline batteries again. Use them in the battery pack to power your USB devices or take batteries out and power your headlamp or remote control.

Plug in your USB
Plug in any of your small USB powered devices to the battery pack to recharge them anywhere. The USB port of the Guide 10 is powerful enough to handle smartphones, readers and tablets.

Light it Up
A handy and bright built-in LED light is always with you on the top of the battery pack. It can be used to find things in your dark backpack or purse. The light runs for over 150 hours before needing a charge.

Charge from Solar
With 7 Watts of charging power this solar panel will charge the battery pack in about 3-4 hours. The mono-crystalline solar panel is the most efficient solar panel on the market. Has a USB input so you can also use just the solar panel to plug your device directly in to recharge.

Small and Compact
When folded up it is about the size of a novel. It can open up and charge from your dashboard or backpack. Really, you can just throw it out wherever you may be.

Technical Specifications
● Inputs: Mini USB (5V), Solar port (6.5V)
● USB Power Output: 3.5W
● Solar Power Output: 7W
● Flashlight: 100mW LED
● LED Life: 100+ hours on single charge
● Battery Capacity: 10 Wh, NiMH
● Battery Shelf Life: 12 months
● Dimensions: 2.5" x 4" x 0.75" (6 x 10 x 2cm)
● Weight: 0.4 lbs (0.18kg)

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