Completly Mute your iPhone with Mutator

Completly Mute your iPhone with Mutator

by Yoav
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It's 2013, and this isn't really news anymore. It's been going on since the dawn of the digital device, and in this case the iPhone. You put your phone on mute only to have it make noise anyway, and at the worst possible time ever. Thats what caused Ron Adair to create Mutator, a simple, sleek device that keeps your phone quiet. Mutator simply mutes all sounds generated by videos, songs, games, apps, Siri and more. Kills 'em dead. Gonzo. Adios. Sayonara.

What most people often confuse is that the "Ring/Silent" switch on their iOS devices is not a mute swtich. Videos, music, apps and even Siri can make noise when the switch is set to silent. Even Apple says isn't a global "mute" switch, but rather a switch to silence the phone's ringer.

The first thing you should know about Mutator is that it is designed with you in mind. Keep your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch in the silent zone with the only low-profile, minimal, beautiful device that can hush your phone on command.

Mutator is a deceptively simple-looking (and small) product. It will let you know when you're in silent mode through a tactile "click" that is felt when it twists into place. You can even check whether Mutator is in mute-mode while your phone is in your pocket, purse, or on the bedside table at night when it's dark.

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