Custom-Fit Wetsuits by Carapace

Custom-Fit Wetsuits by Carapace

by Yoav
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Carapace wetsuits are handcrafted, custom-fit wetsuits made from some of the finest materials. Each of their wetsuits are built by order one by one, just for you. In addition to being more comfortable, Carapace's wetsuits reduce stress along the seams, prevent wear and tear. They make also keep you warmer by preventing the neoprene material from over stretching. Additionally, a good fit keeps cold water out and ensures maximum range of motion.

Key Features:
● The construction: All of our suits are blindstitched and glued at every seam. This is still the best way to construct a durable wetsuit. We have minimized the number of seams by using larger panels to maximize the stretch. We also spend hours reinforcing the seams with a special tape that is thinner and stretchier than others.

● The fit: Our intuitive web portal makes it simple for you to submit measurements. With step-by-step measuring instructions, we help you minimize measuring errors. After measurements are submitted, our algorithms then process your measurements to create patterns unique to your body. This saves us hours of labor, eliminates human error, and enables us to deliver a wetsuit at an affordable price.

● The material: All of our wetsuits are made from high grade, closed-cell neoprene. This means it is water impermeable so that it stays light and stretchy. Our premium EXO1 line features a limestone based, Yamamoto neoprene.

● Other features: Pre-bent knees for a natural and anatomical fit, Form retaining wrist seal to minimize water flushing into the suit, External key pocket conveniently located on the side of the knee for easy access, Magnetic zipper stop, for convenience and durability

The Wetsuits:
● The EXO2 3/2 (3mm thickness in the core and 2mm in the extremities) suit features a polypropylene-based neoprene in the core, which has greater water-repelling properties that allows you to stay light and warm. We also use a silky, nylon-based neoprene that is comfortable against the skin. Our EXO2 model wetsuit is also available in 4/3mm thickness.

● The EXO1 3/2 suit features Yamamoto limestone based neoprene, which is composed of a unique blend of nylon and polyurethane. This jersey (see image below) is the silkiest, lightest, fastest drying material available. In addition, the titanium-based coating between the jersey and the neoprene increases heat retention without adding any extra weight. Our EXO1 model wetsuit is also available in 4/3mm thickness.

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