Get Live TV, Cloud DVR and Streaming Services all with Fanhattan's Fan TV

Get Live TV, Cloud DVR and Streaming Services all with Fanhattan's Fan TV

by Yoav
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Fanhattan has announced Fan TV – an input 1 set-top box bringing live TV, cloud DVR and streaming services all together in one place, with a touch remote. It’s the only device you’ll need to access all of your favorite movies and shows.

The company designed Fan TV in partnership with Yves Béhar to be sleek and visually stunning. The revolutionary touch remote with zero buttons fits in the palm of your hand. It is refreshingly simple and instantly familiar, bringing touch to the biggest screen in your house. Literally swipe, surf and tap into the movies and shows you love. “Fan TV is the deepest and most magical entertainment experience. Everything about Fan TV is about cohesiveness between hardware and user interface, when others still look at these elements separately,” said Yves Béhar, founder of fuseproject.

With Fan TV, your entertainment is always front and center. It eliminates the need for a scavenger hunt across multiple devices and remotes when figuring out what to watch, putting every source at your fingertips and surfacing what’s trending now. With recommendations from friends and insiders to inspire your choices, you’ll never wonder what to watch again.

"With the rapidly growing number of entertainment choices, services and technologies, finding what to watch and how to watch it has become way too complicated," said Gilles BianRosa, CEO of Fanhattan. "People don’t need a stack of devices in their living room, each delivering only part of their entertainment experience. Fan TV will replace the need for a separate cable box, DVR and streaming device, and will streamline your living room by bringing your entertainment life into one beautiful place."

Fan TV will be available later this year, and will be complemented by a multi-screen experience that lets you discover, watch and share on-the-go. Fanhattan is rebranding its free entertainment service “Fan” on iOS and the web. The web app is emerging today from a limited private beta test and is now open to the public.

Fan integrates 29 leading streaming services making more than 100,000 movies and shows available to watch instantly across iOS and the web. On the TV, Fan wil l be working with many of its existing streaming partners for over-the-top content and leading pay TV providers for live TV and cloud DVR, to bring its service to America’s living rooms.

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