Viper Deluxe Zip Line Kit

Viper Deluxe Zip Line Kit

by Yoav
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The Viper Deluxe Zip Line Kit takes all of the elements of the Viper Zip Line Kit and adds a 20’ Boa Bungee Brake System and Zip Line Harness! If you want more excitement and adrenaline out of your Viper Zip Line ride without compromising safety, the Viper Deluxe Zip Line Kit is all that and more!

Originally established in 2005, Zip Line Gear has become one of the world’s largest source of zip line information, service, and high quality products. Their focus has always been on delivering the thrill of zip lining to people of all ages. They are committed to selling the highest quality gear, and as a result their team has gained strong relationships with the leaders in the zip line industry. Over time this has enabled them to refine their product selection, guaranteeing that that sell only the best.

What Comes in the Kit
● Viper Cable Trolley (MBS of 10,000lbs). The Viper Zip Line Cable Trolley is constructed from high carbon powder-coated steel and painted an awesome shade of green. The Viper Zip Line Cable Trolley is equipped with a built-in handlebar and high speed, double ball-bearing wheels for a smooth, fast ride.
● 1/4" galvanized aircraft cable in either 100ft to 200ft (7000lb breaking strength) provides superior strength and weather resistance.
● Zip Line Harness, lanyard, and Jake Screw-Lok Carabiner
● 20' Bungee Brake - When it comes to coming to a quick, safe, and gentle stop, nothing beats the incredible simplicity and effectiveness of our Boa Zip Line Bungee Brake System. The Boa Zip Line Bungee Brake installs near the end of your zip line. The kit utilizes a sliding plastic block with an impact pad on the front to catch the zip line trolley and slow it down with a bungee cord.
● Hardware: cable sling, turnbuckle, and cable clamps

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