Döttling Guardian Travel Safe

Döttling Guardian Travel Safe

by Yoav
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The world has become a safer place with the world’s first high-security traveling case by Döttling: the Guardian. It offers unique protection for up to six wristwatches, jewelry, cash, or important documents any place and at any time.

A double-walled high-security tube – an in-house development by Döttling made of multiple components – is built into the leather. The hard metal component, for instance, is almost as hard as a diamond and destroys tools like drills and saws at the least attempt to breach the Guardian. The tube’s polycarbonate content – a material also used for police shields – additionally makes the Guardian extremely impact-resistant. The material cannot be destroyed even using the biggest sledgehammers. At one end of the high-security tube there is a safe door that can be opened only with a three-digit code. If it is entered correctly the locking mechanism, consisting of four polished high-carbon steel locking bolts, opens. In brief, when locked, opening the Guardian requires incredible force and a good deal of time – time that’s short because the Guardian is also equipped with a GPS transmitter so it can be precisely located.

At the same time, in spite of its high-tech security features, the 14.5 inch-long Guardian with a diameter of 5.3 inches is, at only about 8.8 pounds, a real lightweight that you can take along anywhere with an easy mind.

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