World's First Counter-Rotating Dual Platter Suspended Turntable by Kronos Audio

World's First Counter-Rotating Dual Platter Suspended Turntable by Kronos Audio

by Yoav
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Kronos Audio has introduced the world's first counter-rotating dual platter suspended turntable. Its unique design provides an unequalled level of stability, creating an optimum environment to extract more musical information from your vinyl records. The KRONOS offers audiophiles incomparable listening enjoyment.

All turntables currently on the market are constructed either with or without a suspension system. Suspended turntables are better isolated from both mechanical and sound vibrations emitted from the speakers. These turntables are often preferred to rigid ones as they deliver a more organic sound and a softer presentation. However, the suspended platter and tone arm present a significant downside – a pronounced blurring of the musical signal. This is caused by TORSIONAL FORCES, a natural tendency of the sub platter frame to rotate in sync with the platter. Although this rotation is controlled by springs, or other elastic parts found in the suspension, at this new point of equilibrium, the slightest vibration coming from the stylus reading the groove is echoed back to the stylus, out of phase. The result: the stereo image produced is blurred and distorted. Critical musical information is permanently lost.

To solve the problem of torsional forces, some manufacturers build a rigid turntable and completely eliminate the suspension. But vibrations produced naturally by mechanical components and the environment are fed back to the platter and tone arm, causing yet another type of blurring and distortion of the music signal. The resulting sound is often described as harsh, aggressive and glassy. While endless research into alternate materials has been beneficial in improving the sound of rigid turntables, because the platter and the tone arm are not isolated, vibrations can only be controlled, not eliminated. Additionally, the proposed design solutions create expensive, heavy and complicated turntables.

Every single component of the KRONOS is engineered for simplicity and ease of use: the uncomplicated construction enables easy setup, smooth operation and long-term reliability. This straightforward design allows the focus to remain on superior sound delivery. Allow yourself to be transported back to the original moment of the recorded musical event: hear what you've been missing.

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