Motes Wireless Sensors for Your iPhone

Motes Wireless Sensors for Your iPhone

by Yoav
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Motes are a family of small, wireless sensors for your iPhone, iPad, Android, Linux or Raspberry Pi device that measure environmentals such as ambient temperature, humidity, light, soil moisture, soil temperature, object temperature, human presence and movement. They last for about a year on a single battery and don't require an Internet connection to work.

You can upload your data to their cloud service for analysis via a free app, or use the optional bridge to do it for you in realtime via Wifi.

Climote captures precision temperature, humidity and light information. It records this information to its built-in memory when you're not around and can send you alerts when a minimum or maximum threshold is exceeded. You can upload your mote's data to the cloud service to analyze it or export it to your own applications.

The Growmote measures the amount of water available in the soil surrounding the roots of a plant, the level of light available for growing, and soil temperature to protect against frost. They can 'push' alerts such as "I need water" directly to your smart device.

The Thermote doesn't measure the air temperature or even use a probe: it measures the temperature of an object just by being pointed at it! This makes it great for measuring the temperature of the water in your hot tub or swimming pool or aquarium, your body tempature (via your temporal area), food, or anything else you might not want to stick a traditional temperature probe into for reasons of hygiene, comfort or practicality. Because it's tiny and can easily be stuck to an iPad or iPhone, you can even turn your iPad or iPhone into a portable contactless thermometer!

The Securimote has a passive infrared motoion sensor that detects human movement up to around 5m/16ft away. It also has an onboard acceleromter, so it can detect if it's moved. Use it to notify you if someone is approaching your front door, if your toddler has climbed out of his bed again in the middle of the night, or that the mail is delivered.

Motes has been funded via Indiegogo but you can still pledge towards the project for an additional 28 days.

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