iDockAll: A Non-Constraining Dock by Wiplabs

iDockAll: A Non-Constraining Dock by Wiplabs

by Yoav
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There is a big problem with every dock currently on the market - battery is low on your iPhone/iPad, so you dock it; but consequently you have to wait to use your device (or tap on it awkwardly) until it has enough charge. Not very user friendly. The iDockAll is the first dock to offer uninterrupted charging so that you can use your device in those times of need. Just pick up your iPad off the dock and send out that email before you forget…Or answer that important call while still connected - without the stress of thinking your battery might die any minute.

The iDockAll will suit your iOS devices, and your iOS devices will suit the iDockAll. The iDockAll is created using the exact same CNC process and sandblasting techniques as those used for the iMacs and MacBooks. The iDockAll holds both types of cables – the 30 pin and the lightning connector – all in one dock. So essentially its ‘future proof’ - you will not need to replace it with every new Apple product that is released. Not to mention that it's also virtually indestructible! Made out of a single block of solid aluminum it will outlive all your iPhones and iPads to come.

Some early adopters may have already replaced all their 30 pin connector devices while others may still be using that precious iPod classic. To tackle this different versions where created to meet everyone's needs.

The iDockAll+ : Works with all iPhone, iPods, and iPads with both a lightning or 30 pin connectors
The iDockAll+ Lightning : Works with all iPhones, iPods and iPads with lightning connectors only
The iDockAll : Works with all iPhone and iPods with both lightning or 30 pin connectors
The iDockAll Lightning : Works with all iPhones and iPods with lightning connectors only

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