Points: An Advanced and Intelligent Directional Sign

Points: An Advanced and Intelligent Directional Sign

by Yoav
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Breakfast is releasing their latest product, Points, the most advanced and intelligent directional sign on Earth. Points looks as one may expect a directional sign to look... three arms pointing in different directions, each displaying text of a nearby destination. It’s when the arms begin to rotate around towards new directions and the text begins to update that you realize you’re looking at something much more cutting-edge. You’re looking at the future of how people find where they’re headed next.

At eye level there is a menu which displays different categories of content which Points can serve up. In the morning, the top button might point you towards local Coffee Shops, which switches to Lunch Spots around noon, and then eventually Pubs as happy hour approaches. Another button might serve up close-by events that are trending on Twitter, or the scores from the games going on right now.

Points pulls content from Foursquare, Twitter, local transportation APIs, RSS feeds and many other sources, but more importantly it can be expanded to work with almost any online data source and adapt to any location where it’s installed.

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