Goal Zero Escape 150 Power Pack

Goal Zero Escape 150 Power Pack

by Yoav
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From daytrips to campouts, the practical and powerful Goal Zero Escape 150 gives you 150 watt-hours of rechargeable power. Featuring an integrated 80-watt inverter that provides regulated safe power while protecting your connected devices from power surges. Now you can harness energy collected by the 30M Solar Panel or quickly power up from a regular outlet to be used whenever or wherever you need it. A great value for anyone needing power on the go. Perfect for powering and recharging lights, appliances and portable electronic devices including: cell phones, laptops, PDAs, cameras, portable DVD players, radios and CPAP machines.

Put all the power in your hands with this all-in-one integrated power pack. It is like having your own portable wall outlet wherever you go. It's perfect for laptops and portable DVD players. It can also recharge USB or 12V devices like cell phones and tablets. Don't fret, with the built-in charge and temperature controller all your devices will charge quickly and safely. Ideal for emergency back up power, camping, cabin or just about anywhere you would like power.

● 150 watt hours of power pack storage capacity
● 80 watt AC inverter
● Can be charged in three ways: AC wall outlet, solar panels and car adapter
● UV treated and weather-resistant

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