Take the Work out of Window Cleaning with Winbot

Take the Work out of Window Cleaning with Winbot

by Yoav
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Trade in your old cleaning tools, Winbot has them all. A bottle of cleaning solution to dampen the front cleaning pad, a built-in squeegee for wiping, and a second cleaning pad for drying. Now you can clean your windows, glass doors, mirrors and more with just the touch of a button. Free yourself from the heavy burden of window washing, and let Winbot do the work!

Winbot is the world’s only window cleaning robot that can clean glass of any thickness – even Thermopane windows. The Winbot W730 is equipped with a frameless window detection system so you can clean glass doors, railings and shower stalls with ease.

Winbot is so easy to use. Switch the robot ON, place it on the window, and press start. It’s THAT easy. Now you can sit back, relax and let Winbot do the work.

The only thing Winbot does is clean windows, leaving them shining and spotless. First, the front Cleaning Pad, sprayed with cleaning solution, moistens, loosens and absorbs dirt. Second, the Squeegee draws the remaining water-borne dirt and dampness off the window. Third, the rear Cleaning Pad wipes the window to a dry, spotless condition.

Compared to common cleaning cloths, these specially designed fiber Cleaning Pads provide powerful absorption of dust and dirt, ensuring Winbot leaves the window sparkling clean. INBOT automatically determines the size of your window, then programs a path to clean the window quickly and efficiently.

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