Lumu Light Meter for iPhone

Lumu Light Meter for iPhone

by Desire
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The Lumu light meter is a beautifully simplistic headphone jack accessory for your iPhone. It features a Hemispherical Diffuser, Cardioid-type light receptor that can measure from EV -4 to 20 (0.15 - 250,000 lux). Crafted from a solid block of anodized aluminum, Lumu uses a plastic (PMMA) diffuser that is designed to make measurements of luminance as accurate as possible.

Lumu works with an iPhone app that enables the light meter to use all the cool features smartphones already have. By saving it to a cloud you are able to track your progress. Save all the data about the moment you shoot: location, voice record, note, picture, photo parameters, and much more. The app is made to support your creative process, not to stand in your way.

In addition to the light meter and app, Luma comes with a leather Lumubag and a Lumuneck necklace that lets you conveniently wear Lumu around your neck.

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