Boom Urchin Bluetooth Speaker

Boom Urchin Bluetooth Speaker

by Yoav
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Designed to stand out and withstand whatever you throw at it. The Urchin's interchangeable silicone skins give the Urchin its distinct clean look and also make it shock and water resistant. Each unit comes with a carabiner for hooking on a belt loop or backpack, a suction cup for sticking to a shower tile, and a screw mount attachment for the dash of a car, or it can be used with the optional bike mount or strap attachment.

The Urchin's silicone skin is molded with a hole at the top so it can easily be attached to most anything. Also included is a powerful, built-in microphone that instantly turns the Urchin into a hands free speaker for any Bluetooth phone allowing it to be used in the car, at home, on a beach, mountaintop. Ships with carabiner, suction cup, and screw mount attachments. It also features an interchangeable silicone skin.

● Bluetooth - Stream audio wirelessly
● Water Resistant - Shower, Rain, Splash. Ready for IP Level 4
● Speakerphone - Removable silicone skin
● Control - Tracks & Volume
● Durable - Shockproof, Dustproof
● Interchangeable - Removable silicone skin
● Battery - Up to 8 hours
● Auxiliary Input - Included for hard connection

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