Luxury Mile High Club

Luxury Mile High Club

by Yoav
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There's something sexy about air travel. Whether it’s the shape of the fuselage, the legal fabric restraints or the complimentary sparkling wine, nothing gets our mojos working quite like it. Alas, acting on these urges while airborne can be problematic. Do so in 'Economy' and you're likely to elicit the most ferocious of frowns from fellow passengers.

Worse, furtive trips to the bathroom with your beau can carry legal repercussions - unless your tryst is officially sanctioned. Good news: you may now fulfil those filthy flying fantasies without *cough* flying continental! Thats because Wish a British based company aims to offer customers exciting life-changing experiences have gotten their hands on a selection of executive jets and they're gearing up to offer your very own private airborne erotic event.

Thats right, they're inviting you to join their luxury Mile High Club!

Heres how it goes down:
After enjoying some time in the VIP lounge, you’ll be met at the airstrip (phwoar!) by their pilot. He's certified (by Wish) as the most discreet pilot currently employed in British aviation.

After the standard air safety briefing, your mighty sky horse will become air borne and you'll receive Champagne and chocolates. As soon as the plane has reached the magical height required by international aviation law for nookie - 5,280 feet - you’re good to go wild.

You'll have the cabin to yourself to use as you please. Require silky pillows, luxurious linen with an erotically high thread count, soft lighting and scattered rose petals? We're happy to make arrangements - just ask when you contact them for your quote. Catering for two people is included, as is access to the complimentary bar.

You'll be free to cavort and consort to your heart’s content. Imagine! The people of Hampshire will have absolutely no idea the things you are getting up to above their heads!

You’ll have around an hour in the air to commit as many unnatural acts as you wish, before returning to your seats for landing and an awkward silence.

Once back on the ground, you’ll get the chance to have your picture taken with the pilot, provided you can look him in the eye without blushing.

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