Scrooser Electric Scooter

Scrooser Electric Scooter

by Yoav
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Scrooser is based on a classic, puristic scooter that comes around with extra fat tires and promises driving enjoyment. The heart of the Scrooser is an electric motor (up to 1,000 W) that is integrated into the back wheel which makes it invisible for the viewer. The intelligent impulse drive system was designed with the specialists of Antera Motoren GmbH from Merseburg, Germany. Similar to a Pedelec, but without the pedals, the engine remembers the physical “kick-impulse” of the rider and supports him according to that.

Scrooser is allowed to be driven on the sidewalk and you don’t need a driver license or a helmet. To the “father” of the Scrooser Jens Thieme that is one of the outstanding strengths: “Scrooser complies with a very modern lifestyle. It consists of intelligent electric mobility, conceals all technics that are of highest-quality made in Germany, delights all senses, lets you take liberties and inspires you to discover your environment all over again without wasting time in traffic jams, ruining your hair or sweating excessively.”

· Length: 1.750mm
· Distance between axles: 1.300mm

· Handle bar height: 1.100mm
· Seat height: 700mm

· Weight: 28 kg/ 61lbs
· Capacity: 125kg/ 275lbs

· Speed: up to 25km/h / 15mph
· Operating distance: up to 55km / 22 miles

· Engine: electric wheel hub motor
· Motor power: 250 W (curbed) up to 1.000 W 

· Battery: lithium ion accumulator
· Recharge time: 1 to 3,5 h

· Brakes: hydraulic disk brake (front) / electric engine brake (back)

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