Flytecam Wearable 1080p Video Camera

Flytecam Wearable 1080p Video Camera

by Yoav
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Flytecam is a wearable 1080p video camera that features a 120 degree wide view lens, 60 frames per second in 720p, and an internal multi-direction microphone. The camera uses crystal clear sapphire glass that is three times stronger than Gorilla glass, exceptionally scratch resistant, and is treated with an anti-reflective coating. Flytecam is snapped to the head using a neodymium magnet and locked into place with rubberised teeth.

● 3 hours recording battery life
● Supports Micro SD cards up to 32GB
● Waterproof to 3 meters
● Shock and dust proof
● Soft-touch, rugged body
● Just 90mm long, 25mm thick and 55mm tall
● Super low profile
● It’s really light (Actual weight coming soon)
● Custom developed desktop App for quick editing, managing and sharing videos. ie. Crop and trim videos, Add filters and effects,Quick social sharing

Flytemount Features:
● It’s snap-in, snap-out. You can snap it off at any time, turn the cam on and off, or swap it between friends. Super simple
● It removes vibration. The constant pull of the magnet combined with rubberised coating means that there are none of the usual vibrations created between the mount and the cam
● It’s small and low-profile (no over-engineered clunky plastic). When the flytecam’s not attached, you barely know it’s there
● It’s secure, the strong neodymium magnet holds the flytecam in place, nice and tight. BUT… if it does get hit by something super hard, it’ll simply snap off (only when it’s not locked down)
● Most importantly it’s SAFER. We know you’re pretty much a pro at whatever it is you do, but In the unlikely event of an epic bail, the cam snaps off – meaning no harm will be caused to you and your beautiful head / neck
● Finally, in the case of doing something more extreme the cam can be fully locked down to the mount.
● Oh… and flytecam also works with any regular camera mount

Flytecam comes in white, green, blue and pink and will be available to order soon.

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