Valta Remote Energy Management System

Valta Remote Energy Management System

by Yoav
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Valta remote energy management system automatically detects un-used devices, identifies energy waste, and notifies you to help you save. So many of us have been waiting for a device like this that actually works, well that wait is now over.

Valta sockets are unique because it is equipped with a high resolution chipset, which along with their patented energy detection/measurement system, can measure and identify standby power. This means that their system can detect devices that have been left on, but are not being used. The system can push automated messages to your iPhone whenever this happens, to allow you to proactively manage your energy usage and eliminate waste. The “orange” button appears, when your device is in standby mode, to allow you to turn off the un-used device. You can worry less, save more, and make the environment better for everyone.

Valta’s scheduling options allow you to customize your home or office to behave as you want it to.

● Schedule: schedule events to simplify your daily routines
● Timer: use timer function to help you complete task
● Grouping: group devices together and turn them on and off, all at once

Their system allows you to set multiple schedules. With easy settings on your iPhone or web app, you can schedule appliances to power on and off at specified times of day – even when you’re away.

Valta monitors your energy usage in realtime, helping to calculate the energy consumption and providing you with easy-to-understand data about your energy usage pattern - Total consumed, energy used and potential saving; usage by time and by date; 24-hour data logger. Historical data is stored in our cloud server, so you can always check and find out if any improvement has been made. Most of all it’s quick, simple, and intuitive to use.

Their system connects your electrical devices to your iPhone, iPad, or computer through an internet-connected v-Hub. By connecting the electrical device to valta socket, the socket will communicate with the v-Hub and upload/ store your energy usage data to our cloud server. All data will then be displayed on your iPhone app or web app. With our Instant refresh & sync feature, you are in total control of your home/office anywhere in the world.


● Socket Standard - NEMA 5-15 (3-pronged electrical outlet)
● Electrical rating - 120V/ 15A/ 60Hz/ 1800W
● Power consumption - 0.6w (min.)/ 1.1 watt (max.)
● Communication - ISM (industry Scientific and medical) frequency band
● Material - Top graded ABS, V0 (flame retardant)
● High resolution chipset to measure standby power
● Size - (W) 38.0mm x (H) 79.3mm x (D) 35.0mm
● Certification - ETL/ cETL and FCC / IC certified


● Input power - DC 5V@1A
● Power consumption - 1.0 watt (min.)/ 1.75 watt (max.)
● Material - ABS, V0 (flame retardant) and PC transparent
● Communication - ISM (industry Scientific and medical) frequency band with min. 100M point-to-point signal range
● Feature: Pair up to 16 sockets
● Size - (W) 92.8mm x (H) 98.3mm x (D) 24.3mm
● Certification - ETL/ cETL and FCC / IC certified

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