Bayan Audio StreamPort Universal Wireless Audio Adapter

Bayan Audio StreamPort Universal Wireless Audio Adapter

by Yoav
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StreamPort Universal is a wireless audio adapter by Bayan Audio which lets you stream impressive near-CD quality audio from media players (phones, tablets, notebooks) to existing audio/speaker systems without the need for cables - freeing up your favourite gadgets to stay by your side for browsing. Many audio systems need media players to be physically connected, making them awkward to use and forcing a choice between music and tweeting, or Spotify radio and games.

By enhancing these sound systems with the StreamPort Universal, your personal devices can finally stream audio whilst simultaneously being used to multi-task - without any need to compromise on quality or convenience. The StreamPort Universal enables you to stream music, podcasts and Internet radio from any Bluetooth A2DP-compatible device (including many Apple, Android & Windows players) to your existing sound system (including Hi-Fi, docks and soundbars). Such extensive compatibility eliminates the need for you to worry about expensive upgrades or maintaining a single-brand system in order to enjoy a wireless audio experience.

The StreamPort Universal also integrates NFC auto-pairing and Secure Simple Pairing technology. Not only do these intelligent features let you pair your device to enable wireless streaming in a super-fast 60 seconds or less, they provide a reassuringly simple set-up which avoids any complicated menus or frustrating button combinations - making it fuss-free for the whole family to use, even those who are less familiar with technology.

This perfect combination of stunning sound quality and pocket-sized wireless technology will breathe modern life into sound systems. Whether you use it to stream Internet Radio through your living room dock, enhance your iDevice game soundtrack using the TV surround sound, or even take it to a friends house to blast your Spotify party playlist, the StreamPort Universal is a must-have audio enhancement.

● Transform your Sound System with Wireless in less than 60 Seconds
● Stream from any Bluetooth A2DP-compatible device up to 10m away
● Play audio through Hi-Fi, Soundbars, Home Theatre & Docking Systems
● Works with any sound system with a 3.5mm jack / RCA input
● One of the first wireless audio adapters with Smart Bluetooth 4.0 & NFC

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