Canfield Brothers Formula 1 Jedi Bike Frame

Canfield Brothers Formula 1 Jedi Bike Frame

by Yoav
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The cult machine you have heard about! From the stomping grounds of Red Bull rampage, to your local hometown race tracks, this is the Formula 1 JEDI. For over 14 years, the Brothers have been developing and perfecting their parallel link suspension with the F1 suspension platform!

This bike was given the unnatural ability to maintain its speed and actually accelerate in rough terrain. Not only does it gain momentum, but the rider’s pedaling forces are completely isolated from the bikes suspension movements.
This is all possible by combining vertical with rearward travel. The right combination of 8.1-8.5” vertical mixed with 2.5” of rearward travel gives the JEDI the ability to “shrug” off any square edge impact that would slow down other designs. The bike simply glances off of impacts and keeps accelerating.

To further keep the rider in control and keep suspension forces isolated, the JEDI also runs a idler pulley which completely negates any pedal feedback associated with a wheelbase lengthening design. In short, the Jedi is one of the only suspension designs with zero chain extension!

Combining this suspension technology with current race DH geo and you have a design which is guaranteed to raise your confidence level.

● 7005 aluminum
Ÿ● Formula 1 Suspension
Ÿ● 8.1” -8.5” vertical plus 2.5” rearward travel
Ÿ● Adjustable progression settings – linear to progressive
Ÿ● Titanium pulley cog
Ÿ● 150 x 12mm rear axle
Ÿ● 20mm max bearings
Ÿ● Replaceable rear derailleur hanger

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