Rudy Project Wingspan Aero Helmet

Rudy Project Wingspan Aero Helmet

by Yoav
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"The new Wingspan is going to rock the industry with its radically versatile design and unparalleled aerodynamics and will have people clamoring to get their hands on one," said Paul Craig, President and Co-Founder of Rudy Project North America. "We've been working on this one for quite some time with the legendary John Cobb. We are certain the Wingspan will be, without question, the best aero helmet on the market and will turn conventional thinking on its head. Plus it is totally sweet looking!"

The new Wingspan from Rudy Project is the latest aero helmet from a manufacturer that has been a pioneer in time-trial helmet designs. Available in matte colors Black/Silver, White/Silver and Red/Blue/White, the Wingspan has received notice for its unique shape and striking looks. Weighing in at 349g, the Wingspan exceeds CPSC requirements and is lighter than Rudy Project's previous model, the Syton. It includes Rudy Project's R.S.R. 7 Disc retention system for single-handed on-the-fly adjustments and has ear covers incorporated into the helmet's shell for maximum aerodynamics. Designed with the aide of legendary aerodynamics guru John Cobb, the Wingspan has undergone extensive wind tunnel testing to become the best TT helmet on the market. Through this testing, Rudy Project and Cobb developed the Wingspan's unique tail design that works best for all TT positions and back profiles, specifically the "flat" and "U" shapes most people display.

To add to its versatility, the Wingspan includes a mesh front vent cover that is perfect for use in a triathlon and a closed front vent cover for use in a time-trial event. Also, the Wingspan includes massive exhaust vents that keep the head cool and, for the purest of aerodynamics, the Wingspan comes with a removable tail cover that greatly reduces any turbulence created at the tail, an industry first. With the Wingspan, its ground-breaking design can be applied to any rider with optimal results making it the best option for any serious triathlete or competitive cyclist.

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