Forum Holy Moly II Snowboard

Forum Holy Moly II Snowboard

by Yoav
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It may have not seemed possible, but Forum managed to outdo itself with the Holy Moly II. Packed with tech, from the Grand Pops rocker, to the Swinger's Club tip and tail, to the Car Bomb Carbon Booms, the Forum Holy Moly II Snowboard gives you all the tools to conquer the park. After you ride it, you will have to acknowledge that this board is the king of pop. *This is a factory blem board and may have slight cosmetic damage.*

Rocker Type

Grand Pops - Vastly exaggerated pop zones dramatically increase the surface area just inside the contact points at the nose and tail. These aggressive pop zones create an even larger platform to ollie from. When combined with the stability of a lower camber height between the feet, they deliver bigger, more powerful ollies.

Flex Rating (1 Soft - 10 Stiff) - 5, a medium flex perfect for popping and pressing

True Twin - Symmetrical tip and tail width measurements and flex patterns

Swingers Club - The tip and tail of the wood core are shaved precisely to save weight without sacrificing durability. This makes the board spin faster and float with less effort when the snow beckons.

Really Light - The lightest, strongest, and poppiest core in the arsenal, build using 64% Sustainable Lightweight Wood with beech inlays to beef up stability underfoot and add a bit more spring for only the holiest of boards.

Car Bomb Carbon Booms - Solid carbon space-frame inlays are positioned where critical ollie power is generated. Running from just outside the feet to the nose and tail of the board, these precisely machined carbon structures act as springs providing direct response with ollie height increasing energy return and edge drive.

Light Triax With Carbon - By layering thin strips of carbon fiber over a Light Triax laminate, this lay-up configuration adds extra spring to ollies and increased tip-to-tail response.

Really Fast - The name says it all. This base is pre-injected with formulated wax deep into the sintered pores. Absorbing and retaining maximum amounts of fluorocarbon waxes for a life of charging full-speed ahead and never looking back.

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