Israeli Company Develops Needle Free Glucose Monitoring Device

Israeli Company Develops Needle Free Glucose Monitoring Device

by Yoav
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An Israeli company has developed a needle-free, portable and accurate glucose monitoring device that is suitable for use in public settings. Dubbed the TensorTip Combo-Glucometer (CGM) it uses Cnoga Medical’s patented algorithms and technology to take the pain and hassle out of blood glucose monitoring. The CGM not only functions as a traditional needle-prick device, but after calibration, is easily converted to a completely pain- and needle-free device. The impact of using the CGM is a dramatic increase in quality of life: customers can test their blood glucose as often as they desire, better managing their condition and preventing related complications.

The CGM comes with a snap-on, invasive glucose-reader for an initial personalized calibration phase to ensure the utmost accuracy and precision. All supplies required during the initial calibration phase are included with the CGM.

The CGM can be calibrated in as little as two weeks ,after which the device will automatically notify the user that its easily-detachable invasive reader can be removed.

After the initial calibration phase, the CGM offers a lifetime of needle- and pain-free blood glucose readings.

Why choose the TensorTip Combo-Glucometer?
Pain-free: after an initial calibration period, Cnoga’s needle-less tissue photography-based technology is used to measure blood glucose levels
Convenient: test at home or in public without fear or embarrassment, while eliminating the expense and hassle of purchasing monthly disposable supplies
Eco-friendly: avoid bio-waste in the form of used lancets, gauze, test strips, alcohol swabs, packaging and other disposables
Easy-to-use: navigate menus easily with just four buttons
Portable: lightweight, durable materials and a compact size make travel a pleasure
Energy efficient: the device shuts itself off when not in use

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