Voltmaker Portable Charging Solution

Voltmaker Portable Charging Solution

by Yoav
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The Voltmaker is a portable charging solution for your smartphone, iPhone, camera, or any other low voltage device. It generates power through kinetic energy with a simple twirl of the wrist or by plugging it in to a wall or computer. At home, recharge your Voltmaker just like you'd do it for your telephone, using a wall socket or your computer. This will recharge the Voltmaker's internal battery. If your phone's battery is dead, plug the Voltmaker into your phone. You can fully charge it with the energy contained in your Voltmaker's battery.

If your phone and your Voltmaker's batteries are dead, with a few twirls of the wrist, this hand-held charger is capable of generating enough power to keep your telephone or low power devices going.

The Voltmaker’s charging action is very simple to use. You raise a small rod from the main body of the device and spin the Voltmaker in a circular motion. The device captures this kinetic energy and stores it in its 2,000 mAh lithium batteries. You can then use this battery power to charge any low power device via USB.

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